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About Us

We’re a small creative design studio based in Seattle, working with adventurous clients and providing branding, print and web design services.



We love building, or rebuilding, smart, effective brands that truly characterize your company and speak to your target audience. From logo designs to brand guidelines to marketing templates, we cover all aspects to help ensure a successful brand launch. Our branding process is clear and specifically tailored to your needs so you end up with something special and unique.



We build modern, responsive websites that help businesses represent themselves in the best ways. From custom CMS layouts to mobile-first design to SEO optimization, we make sure your website is built with current web standards, easy to maintain, and speaks directly to your target audience.



Well-designed printed pieces can generate a lot of interest and create a big impact for your company! We can help create exciting and effective pieces for your business whether it’s a new brochure, catalog, packaging design or promotional poster. We design printed pieces for a variety of groups, announcements products and events, each tailored to be eye-catching, intriguing and effective.


Koop Creative is the design and development team of Neil Kupras and Daniel Jackson, a couple of savvy, creative gents who love building brands and websites from the ground up.


Neil Kupras - Creative Lead

Neil Kupras - Creative Lead

Neil loves all things design. Seriously. Nothing brings him more joy than a masterfully crafted typeface, a stunning color palette or a really, really ridiculously good looking brand. Neil has 6+ years of professional design experience from working within various design studios, agencies, in-house teams and from his own clients as a freelancer. He loves bringing brands to life and creating beautiful, functional interactive experiences.

Daniel Jackson - Development Lead

Daniel Jackson - Development Lead

Daniel is a tinkerer. When he’s not building things with the latest and greatest tech out there, he’s picking them apart to see how they function. With 5+ years freelance experience and interacting with various design studios, he’s laid the online foundation for many companies with an emphasis on security and usability. He lives on coffee and kit-kat bars.

Being a small studio, we pride ourselves on being flexible, adaptable and understanding of the needs of other small businesses.


We understand that starting, and running, your own business is no easy feat.  Whether it’s managing finances, producing a product, fine-tuning your service or hiring employees, there are a lot of moving pieces and things to keep track of. If you‘re like most small businesses, this means that branding and creative marketing usually fall pretty low on your “to-do list”, but building a strong, engaging brand is essential to the growth of your business! It’s not something to put on the back burner or approach “when it’s convenient”. The time is now, and we’re here to help.

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