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I Could Brand That: Saladworks

While walking along 3rd Avenue, I stumbled across a few different sandwich boards for businesses attempting to lure customers inside. This one from Saladworks caught my eye:

Saladworks - Sandwich Board

First, let me just say that if you’re using a sandwich board right outside of your business, it should present some sort of new and interesting information to a potential customer. It should not just include your logo and say “Now Open”. This is a waste of space and also something the potential customer could quite easily understand just by looking at your storefront and seeing that the lights are on.

But all of that aside, I was really just struck by the downer of a logo design. It was truly dull and unimaginative; a company name, some carrots in the ground, and a box to contain it. Snore. Where’s the “fanatically fresh” feeling that they’re trying to exude? Where’s the health and energy aspect? I want to look at this and feel like I’m eating at the Garden of Eden!

A little bit of background info:

This is from the “About Us” page on the Saladworks website:

Saladworks is the nation’s first and largest fresh-tossed salad franchise concept, with over 100 locations across the country. Saladworks offers a “fanatically fresh” menu of America’s Best Salads with signature dressings, proprietary soups, and Focaccia Fusion sandwiches. All Saladworks salads are made-to-order, chopped on-location, and assembled right in front of your eyes. With the addition of the True Nutrition menu, Saladworks’ varieties of signature salads are all 500 calories or less.

Our thoughts for improvement…

Let’s make the logo feel more vibrant, energetic and refreshing. Let’s give the typography some more love and explore other color palettes that feel “fresh picked” instead of engineered in a lab. We got down to some brainstorming and sketching:

Saladworks - Sketches

Which led us to this solution:

Saladworks - New Logo

As you can see, we didn’t completely ditch the color palette, but we did refine the values a bit. The orange is more of a “cherry tomato” color and we introduced a few natural greens as well as earth tones to emphasize the “fresh from the ground” aspect. The typography was greatly refined while still allowing for some playfulness with the standalone “S”.

We think this option better speaks to what they’re trying to achieve with their brand, but what do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


“I Could Brand That” is a casual bi-monthly feature where we find company logos (usually local) that we feel just aren’t quite up to snuff. Maybe they had good intentions, but missed the mark. Maybe they’re incredibly dull or ugly. Maybe it’s just an awesome business that we wish we could work with. In any case, we put aside 45-60 minutes to create a revised logo concept that we think might perform better. These are NOT serious concepts, these companies are NOT clients of ours, and this is NOT an official re-branding process. True branding takes lots of time, research and explorations with a client. This is just for fun!

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